"The Legend of the Shamrock Four"

(to the tune of "James Connolly")

The Four, they had gathered outside of old Epstein's

Their heads they had covered, 'twas early one morn-

Their paint cans were ready, their brushes were shiny,

To paint the green shamrocks, an oath they had sworn.

They started their mission in the fog-covered morning,

For painting the shamrock 'round Morristown's green-

But before they had finished, the law came upon them-

Arrested and shackled, abuse so unseen.

The mayor was summoned; the mayor knew nothin'

These outlaws proceeded, their rights to explore-

So, down to the station- the law they now took them

And so starts the Legend: the great Shamrock Four.

The bribes were now offered; the lawyers were screamin'

The law wouldn't listen to these prisoners of war-

So the judge he presided, o'er the case of the cent'ry

He now had to sentence the great Shamrock Four.

The verdict was ordered; the Four stood undaunted,

A fine would be levied they could not ignore-

At twenty-five dollars for obstructing the public,

The case is now settled for the great Shamrock Four.

The years have rolled by since that Shamrock Rebellion

When the law of the county so loudly did speak.

When the bold Shamrock Foursome stood shoulder to shoulder,

As the paint from their brushes rand down old South Street.

So, we drank at the Dublin, and we drank down at Hen-sy's

That spirit of rebellion, the law could not quell-

And above all the cheers, rose a roar, "At any rate!"

'Twas the voice of James Dangler, that Irish rebel.

Author Unknown

Thank You Cal Horseman for saving this FSSP document