Official Brenden JP Dunphy 2018 St. Patrick's Day Itinerary


St. Patrick’s Day is not just a day … it is a season …

Welcome to my 28th Annual Itinerary for this the 2018 St. Patrick’s Day Season. This

itinerary includes the major cultural events and parades happening during this year’s St.

Patrick’s Day season. The list of events will be continuously updated throughout the

season at

This year’s itinerary is dedicated to Pat O’Neill for being the Founding Father of the

newly-created Rutherford (NJ) Irish American Association and the Rutherford St.

Patrick’s Day Parade.

American first … Irish always …


Brendan James Patrick Dunphy, of

County Kilkenny (“Dunphy”)

County Armagh (“Donnelly”)

County Cavan (“McGovern”)

County Down (“Toner”)

County Hudson (“New Jersey”)


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